WX-101 is a new developed coating spray gun, the simple and friendly use design concept makes it become one of the best choice for new powder coater as well as professional. The product has been widely used and all spareparts are available for prompt inquiries.



WX-101 Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine is our classical model, very fine in quality,but lowest price.which is used for spraying workpieces

with flat and smooth appearance and workpiece with no deep corners.

Powder coating applicable: All kinds of powder without the metals

Packing List:

Manual Powder gun with gun cable x 1

Powder Gun Spare Parts x 1 kit

Control Unit x 1

Powder Injector x 1

Fluidized Powder Hopper x 1

Trolley x 1

Oil-water separator x 1

Air pressure regulating valve x 1

Powder Hose ,Air Tubes ,Grounding line: 1kit

Technical Data

Input Power Voltage: 110V,220V AC

Frequency : 50Hz-60Hz

Input Power : 40W

Electromagnetic valve control power voltage : 24V DC

Input air pressure: 0-0.6Mpa

Output air pressure: 0-0.5Mpa

Max. Air consumption: 13.2m³/h

Output powder volume: Max. 500g/min

Output power voltage: 0 -100KV

Polarity: Negative

Output current: 0-150uA

Gun Weight: 480g

Length of Gun Cable:4m

Powder Hopper Volume : 45L

FOR SPARE PARTS LIST, PLEASE VIEW: http://www.powdercoating.vn/products/spareparts---accessories/wx-101-spareparts.html